How to reach

The reference is the highway between Elorrio and Durango, BI632.
Once in the BI632 between Durango and Elorrio, at the height of the neighborhood of Muntzaraz in Abadiño, we have to take the detour to Mendiola and Sagasta, this is on the right if you come from Durango and on the left if you come from Elorrio.

At about 2 km there is the detour to the left towards Sagasta, Alluitz Natura is the 3rd farm on the right hand side of this road towards Sagasta.

Contact  information

Alluitz Natura SL, B 95645925
Barrio Mendiola 25
(Abadiño, Bizkaia)
Phone: 688 875 120


X = 30T530760
Y = 4774716
Z = 247

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