Alluitz Natura is a rural development company and a school farm.

The begining was in the Atxarte handicraft cheese farm, in the Natural Park of Urkiola, Bizkaia. It’s facilities and the surroundings are perfect to know and interpret life in the natural environment through workshops, itineraries and leisure activities. We have an authentic flock of 200 latxa sheep that wake up multiple sensations, gives us a lot of wool and sustainable creativity.

Natural Park of Urkiola

In Durangaldea there is the Urkiola Natural Park wich expands 5,768 hectares, constituting a landscape of great natural wealth of high quality in Euskal Herria. A network of paths allows us to know much of the natural, cultural and scenic treasures that this magical place hides. We invite you to walk the paths of the Park and to approach the mountains, forests and rivers, to talk with their people and enjoy the landscape.

Crosses of Urkiola

The Park is constituted by the Sierra de Aramotz, the Montes del Duranguesado and the Sierra de Arangio.
Access to the Urkiola Natural Park can be done by multiple places, however, the most convenient way to get to the central area of the park is to travel along the local road BI-623 that connects Durango, Otxandio and Gasteiz.

Where to eat

Durangaldea is a corner of authentic Basque cuisine. You can find from restaurants of international mention in the Valley of Atxondo (3 km from Alluitz Natura walking or 9km by road) in those places here we say “You can eat just like at home”. From Durango to Elorrio you have about 5-10 minutes by car, check the updated guides offered by the tourist offices of the region:
Durango: Kurutziaga, 38, 48200 Tel. 946 033 938
Elorrio: C / Berrio Otxoa Tel. 946 820 164/605 726 420
But if you prefer, you can contact Saltsan and you can bring the catering to Alluitz Natura, they adapt to all preferences or needs:
Kurutziaga, 40 48200 Durango (Bizkaia) 946 200 427 Email:


Where to sleep

Pastor por un día puede ser una pequeña parte de un fin de semana muy bonito, descubre donde dormir en las montañas vascas que nos rodean, te recomendamos por cercanía los alojamientos de los pueblos más cercanos: Abadiño, Atxondo, Elorrio, Durango, Elgeta, Berriz y Garai: